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Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
See, here's the kicker for me .... IF by whats being reported is true that under the linux enviorment the chips preform as intented & = the sugested preformance ..... why is it a fail then when it should be then a windows failure insted of a architechural failure as so many say. To me it would fully point at there being a problem when amd was talkin with microsoft then & microsoft either boo-booin in there side of things or in what they provided to amd then.
You can look at it either way really.

One view could be that AMD and Intel make a good amount of money for personal and business use, where probably 90-95% of them are using Windows. If you say that bulldozer works as intended only in the Linux environment, it would seem to me that AMD did not take into account their core market, which of course are Windows users.
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