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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I'm not going to hold my breath this time around.

As it stands, what I need is a proc that works well on all "cores" @ 100% performance for folding, not something that can do 20 things at once @ 20% performance.

Yes, intel hasn't blown us away with improvements, but they also haven't (to my knowledge) released an entirely new platform which is outperformed in many ways by it's own 2+ yr old tech. AMD needs to prove it can consistantly improve upon my heavy load 1090t performance by a substantial amount before I'll even consider it for my main rig.......

That said, my 250 X2 is looking to be upgraded and a sub $200 4.5 "real" core BD might fit the bill. (They're still slightly above $200).
See, here's the kicker for me .... IF by whats being reported is true that under the linux enviorment the chips preform as intented & = the sugested preformance ..... why is it a fail then when it should be then a windows failure insted of a architechural failure as so many say. To me it would fully point at there being a problem when amd was talkin with microsoft then & microsoft either boo-booin in there side of things or in what they provided to amd then.
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