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My System Specs

Default Help me tweak my OC!

Hi all. I have achieved 4.8ghz @ 1.42v on my i5 2500k. Not sure if this is good as I'm quite new to this. It's only my 3rd time overclocking. I would like to reach 5ghz or even higher if the chip will allow so. Maybe 4.8 is it's max? Not sure. I am wondering what I can do to try getting it higher. I upped the voltage and multiplier but was unable to boot into windows at 5.0ghz. If I can't get higher maybe I can just reduce the voltage for lower temps. Not sure but I need help.

Specs as far as OC goes are :

i5 2500k
and a 360mm HWlabs rad with AP-15's on it.

here are some pics.

Here is the OC genie section. changed multiplier, disabled xmp(?), manually set voltage, disabled C state(what is this like speedstep?), and I upped the long and short duration power limit.

Here are the regular bios settings outside of the OC genie profile. Here I disabled spread spectrum, disabled EIST. I wasn't sure if I should keep PLL Auto or straight up enable it so I left it auto. Couple things I am wondering here is what is the Vdroop setting and what is Digital compensation level?

Here is the CPU features menu. I disabled C1E support. I seem to recall that overspeed protection should be disabled? hrmm I thought i disabled C state.

And here is my temps cpu -z. I would like to call this stable. I know it was only 3.5 hours and lots of folks do 12-24 but in reality it would be hard for me to get more then 6 hours. Plus my gaming will never bring this rig to 100%. I'm thinking a reseat and some ic7 diamond would do me some justice on temps. It was the worst seat I have done in my life trying to mount that xspc raystorm by myself with 1 hand on the backplate.

I had to crop those because when I straight up load the desktop screenshot to photobucket it comes out like this and you can't read any of it.

So I have a few main questions. I did the overclock in my OC Genie profile. Is this n00b? I did this because I was using the stock OC genie settings before and I just changed a few things in there since it seemed easier. Ended up having to change other settings elsewhere though :P.

Should I be doing it straight up bios settings as opposed to in the OC genie section of the bios?

What changes could I make to push it to 5.0 or higher? Yeah yeah blah blah I know it's not much difference but dished out the $$ on the parts with capabilites so I would like to try.
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