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My System Specs


Originally Posted by WhippWhapp View Post
In Inferno with my Wiz.

Doing Sarkoth/Dank Cellar runs in full MF/GF gear. Using teleport with wormhole cellar takes a little over a minute to clear if it has spawned, if it hasn't it only takes like 30 seconds to reload game and teleport again from checkpoint. Wash/rinse/repeat!

I'd be making killer gold if I could sell gems and disenchants in AH.
I been doing this for some time and since graduated to doing straight up sk runs because that is so not fun. Unfortunately I'm at the point where even Butcher is not offering me any upgrades. I'm kind of stuck as I can't solo past SK and butcher isn't giving me any ups so I figure I'm just going to have to upgrade from the AH. Everyone keeps telling me stack resist for inferno don't worry about any other stats.
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