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My System Specs


Well since he never did follow up with this thread, I'll continue it (as I'm typing on an Acer Aspire 5560-Sb401 right now). I have never run FRAPS so I don't know what the actual framerates are but I can tell you that I brought my laptop to Cuba on a 2-week vacation and I had a couple of stormy days that I was stuck in my hotel room and I played Skyrim to pass the time. I was amazed. At medium settings, the game was perfectly fluid at 1366x768 native resolution and never once felt choppy. It felt exactly the same way that Skyrim did on my 2xHD 4870 X-fire desktop does at max settings. I have never in my life been so impressed with a laptop that I paid all of $500 for. Never in my life did I expect that a new game like Skyrim would run perfectly on it at a graphics detail level that was superior to the X-Box and PS3. The Llano A8 has completely amazed me with its versatility. It is fast, cool, has a fantastic GPU and is an incredible value. For 95% of people out there, you cannot go wrong with this. I'll never regret this purchase. :hah a:
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