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Originally Posted by Mibs View Post
Thanks for the quick reply. I felt that 3.3 was a bit low as well but I have been using that 24/7 for a little less than a year now and any more voltage increases and the temps would be a little too high for me. The x38s and x48s are looking great right now, and now that you mention it I could try OCing my chip on one of those and have some fun there. For some reason getting just a new board didn't even cross my mind. But how far do you really think I can push this chip on air? This is becoming an even harder decision. It's not that I am setting a budget for this upgrade but I don't want to spend a lot of money because in reality the setup I have now is fine for me if I can manage to wait until Nehalem.
For a customer build, on a P35 board (Asus P5K-E), I was able to do 3.6ghz on his E6750 with a TRUE. Needed about 1.4 - 1.42 vcore IIRC.

I'll let you in on a secret : I have the upgrade bug too, but the fact is, unless your computer cannot adequately perform the required tasks (gaming, media, etc) don't spend money just to spend money.

Personnaly, I'd love to buy a Q9450, or even a Q6600, but I don't really need that power. I'd love to buy a sleek DFI X48 board, but with the HD4870s coming out, I won't need crossfire...yet.

Maybe you should put some money aside regularly, and in 4-6 months, instead of doing incremental upgrades, just buy a completely new killer PC !

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