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My System Specs


Stay away from Gigabyte.. go with Asus..

All opinion..
I have had many many bad boards and RMA experiences with gigashyte.. Not had to return a single asus board (which I use for all my friends and familey builds now too)
This is pure brand preference and will differ with every person you ask...

2500k/z68 if there is a large price difference.. go 3570k and z77 if there isn't..
Very little difference between the 2 in reality. (Native USB3 and pci-e3 for the z77 but you won't use that speed for some time yet)
2500k will oc better past certain core voltage (at say 4.8Ghz ish it will take the lead off the 3570k) as the Ivy chip overheats beyond a certain threshold.

If going for a 24/7 oc the Ivy chip is better.. If trying to push limits the Sandy chip is better..
Untill you reach the core voltage threshold on the Ivy chip it will run cooler, faster and more power efficient than the 2500k.

All that said, the performance is soo close that the biggest difference should be price.. If there is a big gap between the price of a 2500k and z68 board then get that.. If not go z77 and 3570k..
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