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The upper side of the audio chip has a metal cover with BIOSTAR Logo printed, which shines red when powered on.

With the BIOSTAR radiation module shell and cutting design, the radiation module on the upper side is orange,
which is the common color shown on the motorcycles in KYMCO Mega G5, Racing or SUZUKI NEX 8 Hours Champion.

Below are the instructions for using Intel Core i7-3770K on BIOSTAR UEFI interface
CPU information and the related technology page

O.N.E calibration page
The frequency multiplication of the CPU Ratio is 48, i.e. 3770K will be operated by 4800MHz
To lock the external frequency of CPU as 100MHz, the following two options should be done
Turn off Clock Spread Spectrum and start up Internal PLL Override

Graphics Core Ratio Limit is the frequency of the built-in GPU in CPU
The algorithm of 23 is 23 X 50 => 1150MHz. In the sample figure below, it adopts the default frequency of built-in HD 4000 for 3770K

For DRAM frequency and parameter settings, generally, smaller value will obtain higher performance.
Set it as DDR3 2400 CL10 11-11-27 1T, and adjust other detailed options to optimal setting values.
The user can increase the frequency and adjust the parameters based on the DDR3 property, so as to achieve the effect of increasing DDR3 bandwidth.

Voltage page
There are four types of CPU VCore Mode, SPEC Volgate/Auto/Offset Mode/Fixed Mode
CPU VCore Offset -0.200~+0.520V
CPU VCore Fixed 1.000~1.790V
For the purpose of overclocking, the major change here is the CPU voltage.
In the sample figure, the CPU Vcore is fixed as 1.290V.
Making slight adjustment based on the radiation ability and CPU property are the two major foundations for overclocking CPU.

DRAM Voltage 1.300~2.112V
Vcc S Voltage 0.900~1.605V
When DDR3 is overclocked to 2400~2666, generally, it needs to increase the voltage to 1.6~1.65V or higher.
The major function of Vcc S Voltage is to increase Stability when DDR3 overclocking is of high frequency.

UEFI interface provide 5 sets of functions for file access.
The users can store or read the data based on the default settings, which can save setting time.

BIOSTAR doesnít provide gorgeous screens for the UEFI interface but in plain color instead.
The advantage is the fast startup speed, which is as fast as its own BIOS. It just takes a blink to enter the Windows7 screen.
Some MB brands use too many programs or pictures in UEFI interface, causing slow startup speed.
Whether it is shortcoming or advantage depends on the userís preference.
Regarding the enhancement of BIOSTARís UEFI, windwithme thinks it will be better if the Multilanguage is supported.

Test platform
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K
VGA: Intel HD Graphics 4000
HD: Intel 520 Series 120GB
Cooler: CORSAIR Hydro Series H100
OS: Windows7 Ultimate 64bit
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