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Default 670 Issue

Just got an Asus DCII GTX 670 (not the TOP version but as far as I can tell they are exactly the same bar the out of box clock))

Quite happy, though I think some driver issues at the mo.. on 301.42 and getting an odd lock-up
Screen turns red and machine freezes..

Hoping it's just drivers anyway.. Don't want to try and return it in Ukraine. :( (Don't speak Ukrainian or Russian!)
Gonna try beta drivers later on when I get home.
Have tried re-seating it and the power is all good too (560 ti works perfect in the same slot and power)

Any other suggestions apart from beta / older 3xx drivers??

Have a bit of an OC on it but get this with or without the OC.

P.S, I havn't had an OC on my CPU for some time now ( was running a little hot last summer so I re-set to stock and haven't gone back since)
Would my i7 950@3.06Ghz be a bottle-neck to the 670?
What sort of in-game increases should I see at say 4.2ghz in BF3?
I'm not too worried about it as it runs everything max'd atm but free performance is free.. :P

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