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Default I've got the itch...but don't know what to upgrade!

I've been helping my friend build and research a PC for the past few weeks. I'm having lots of fun with it learning even more about all the new chipsets and gpus than I normally would have. But here's the problem: browsing on NCIX makes we want to buy new gear so bad! I have reached the point where I can't go any longer, it has been months since I bought something new! However, I'm having issues with what to do. I know a lot of people would say to just hold off until Nehalem arrives, but I don't plan on making a full upgrade right now, just something to satisfy me for a little while. I wanted to go for a q9450, but as well all know the damn 680i doesn't support Yorkfield. So I would have to purchase a new motherboard as well as the cpu, and that would probably bring me up to $500 or more. Then I thought about getting a second GPU, but the 9800gtx is so cheap now, I wouldn't feel right getting another 8800gts for more than the 9800gtx. So my final option is to get an e8400 for $200 and just have some fun with it. Assuming I can push it to almost 4GHz, it would be a nice little boost for me. But is it really worth the $200 just for another 600 or 700 MHz? What are your thoughts? Any other suggestions? I wish I had taken evga up on that offer for the step up to the 780i when I had the chance...and I am paying for it now!
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