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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
It's definitely a button masher. And no, no stat choices while leveling. Most of your "stat customization" will come from your gear choices.
That's pretty disapointing then. If it's just a straight out masher / treasure hunt, I suspect it'll get a single playthrough and then go back on the shelf. I never was a fan of the standard console button masher where the cut scenes were the best thing about the game, and that's my early impression(s).

As it stands.... worth the $60, but unless there's a game-changing DLC A-La DII expansion, I can't see it having too many legs for me, which is a pity as I put umpteen billion hours into single player (on B-Net) runs with DII expansion.

Originally Posted by Cheakamus View Post
You can choose the active and passive skills when you level up but not Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, dexterity since there's not any points to distribute.
That's kinda what I'm wondering so maybe there is hope after all. With only an hour or so into the game, I'm not being given choices on the skills I'm getting... it's basically saying "here's what we're giving you, click on the icon to activate it". I'm hoping that changes as the game progresses.
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