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My System Specs


I have just went thru my own build in the last couple months so I will share my thoughts with you. It was my first pc gaming rig build and I went with the I5 2500k (which is so easy to overclock it's silly) a radeon 6870, and a cheap asrock extreme 3 gen 3 board and couldn't be happier. Everything turned out great, the 6870 is a fantastic card for the price and the 2500k is just a beast of a processor. On that note though, I have just went completely nuts and put a 680gtx in the computer and took the 6870 out to sell. I say without hesitation go with a 2500k processor (get the k version so you can overclock it) and get the best graphics card you can afford. The better you get, the longer it's gonna last before an upgrade is needed. I have a ridiculous problem when I always want the newest/fastest thing out. With that said the 680 wasn't out when I built my computer in Feb, but the 580 was and thought it was just too much money. And now I have a 680 so go figure But the 6870 is an outstanding card in the $150 range now and it will play almost everything out now, on just below max settings. The real bug hits you though when you just have to see what BF3, or Arkham city, or whatever game you're playing looks like on Ultra and the lesser price cards just can't quite run those games on max settings. So then you wish you would've bought the monster card. In the end you can always sell your old card 6months down the line if you decide you need more because there's always a bigger badder card coming out. And don't forget some stores you can get 0% financing if you want to go real crazy on the build for a year Good luck and have fun
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