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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
There's three types of M2N78-LA motherboards.

(Viola) has a yellow PCB and is AM2+ compatible with a 125W TDP. Compatible with the first gen Phenoms up to 9700


(Violet) has a green PCB and is AM2 compatible with 1st gen Phenoms up to 9850. This is the one that you say you have.


(Violet3) has a dark green PCB and is AM3 compatible with Phenom IIs (up to Deneb)


You can spot the differences between the two Violets (Violet and Violet 3) by the battery location and the inclusion of a PS/2 Mouse on the rear I/O panel.



Which one do you have?

Once again, Violet3 is compatible with Phenom IIs, Violet is NOT.

EDIT: Also, you can see how all of these boards are missing the 4-pin power connector at the top left corner.
Mine is a violet3 because i can see the cmos battery on the bottom. But on the edge of the socket, it says its am3.
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