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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
I wouldn't do that. I have the AX850 and it is connected to a UPS. If I put a full load on my machine the UPS shows that it is using just shy of 800W. Now this is with OC'd SLI 580s and my i7@4.8GHz. I know this is not exact and everything but it does show that while the AX850 is capable of doing it, it does get close to the limit of it. Because of that I would not move down to the AX750 as that would be right at the limit and possibly over. I'd say better to leave a little bit of room.

I have an SC'd EVGA card (Single) and an i5 1155. Full Gaming load from APC is 296W. These new processors are very power effective. I think he will be more than fine and pulling about 500 from the wall which is perfect.


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