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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bigFOIG View Post
Yes, you're right. The motherboard is in the way. However, it's not by too much. I can just bring the fans frontward a little bit to get out of the motherboard's way, then use double sided tape to mount it on. Unless I think of a better way, that's what I'm going to be doing. I haven't updated this thread in a very while, but I'll get back to it soon and i'll address all these things in detail. Was waiting for some more money and a new GPU this whole time. Now waiting for a GTX 670 waterblock. A new motherboard may be coming and lot's of LEDs!
So what you are saying is that you will be leaving the radiator underneath in the centered position, just moving the fans out a bit on their own. I guess I could see that working.

Will there be a problem with the fans not being able to equally districute the air through the radiator because they are offset?

How thick of a radiator are you using? What kind of fans?
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