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My System Specs


This would make quite the F@H GPU powerhouse from my skim through:
  • Since the GPU can schedule work for itself + on-board synchronization you could theoretically fold on a whole bunch of these attached to the most gimped CPU you can find and it would be fine. (Although have fun finding an Atom processor with a lot PCI-E x16 attached )
  • I wonder if the Hyper-Q model would alleviate some of the GUI lag associated with Folding on a desktop computer...
I can't see the GPUDirect being too useful for individuals. I guess it fits with their proposal for GeForce GRID however as they'd essentially be able to process most of the game including AI on GPUs, maybe even sucking input straight from the network card into the GPU without involving the CPU.

I hope this stuff is made compatible with OpenCL or DirectCompute so we don't end up with the same mess as PhysX
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