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Default NVIDIA Posts Complete Kepler GK110 Technical White Paper

For those of you wondering about what makes NVIDIA’s upcoming GK110 tick, NVIDIA has posed a complete architectural White Paper. There is some seriously interesting contained in there, enough to make us want GK110 to make it over into the GeForce lineup as soon as possible. However, as NVIDIA discusses quite a few times in this White Paper: GK110 is geared towards a compute / HPC environment and NOT gaming. That doesn’t mean it can’t be adapted for gaming like Fermi was though…. ;)

Read more here: NVIDIA Posts Complete Kepler GK110 Technical White Paper | Hardware Canucks

On a side note.....2880 cores and supposedly 255W so well within the PCI-E spec.

Had this thing been released it would have been nearly TWICE as fast as the GTX 680. Not to mention, it consumes as much as a SINGLE HD 7970.
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