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My System Specs


Buy Asus and MSI failing that Intel
I purchase 1200 Asus boards a year
around 100 MSI
about 2 Intel
and about 50 Generic to fix systems with
all for work

Do the Asus ones fail yup every once in awhile I get about 5 total a year not to bad.
Msi yup about 3
Intel well I dont buy many but I RMA lots for customers still most the time its bad PSU's that kill them.

I have bought 1 Gigabyte board in the last 3 years first one in years and the last it was a 890FX something and it cost me a CPU board and GPU as well as 4 sticks of ram. A mosfet cap Exploded through the board and the remaining ones vented. Destroyed tons of hardware BUT it was all covered by ASI(their great) and they swapped my mobo for a Crosshair IV Formula and then gave me a upgraded gpu,cpu and ram.

Needless to say I wont buy Gigabyte again first time in years and last time ever :D
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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