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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JD View Post
You could attempt to contact HP to get proper media, but I don't know if that's even possible at this point. You most likely need the special OEM build which has the necessary branding files for HP in order to use the key.
- This...

I have never gotten a normal Windows XP install disc to work with the key on the side of an HP machine. As JD mentioned, I noticed HP installs of Windows XP are tied to HP-branded motherboards somehow. If you can find Windows XP media for ANY model of an HP machine, you should be able to install without the need for activation (as the Windows install will detect the HPness). I got the Windows XP home install disk for a laptop to work on my old HP desktop for instance.
I assume the original owner never kept that install CD or DVD set, nor have they backed up the OEM install partition?
You could try the phone number for activation as well, although I think MS discontinued that.

That hardware is old enough to have full Linux support if they don't have anything that absolutely needs Windows... (volunteer for Ubuntu project )
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