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My System Specs


Well after RMA # 3 on my X58a-UD7, they sent me a rev 2.0 (specifically stated I wanted only a rev 1.0 or a different board) they sent me a rev 2.0, it had scorch marks on the socket backplate like it was on fire or something, from chipset heatsinks looked like someone was playing floor hockey with them and literally over 70 phone calls to the RMA department(also remover the chipset cooler and put the one off of my original motherboard on it to try and slip one past me? really? I got a $270 US refund for my motherboard after over 3 months of RMA's and faulty boards in return. I used to exclusively use gigabyte in any PC I touched, but it is the complete opposite now, I will actually pay more for a different branded product now, just to avoid ever having to deal with Gigabytes RMA tech's ever again.
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