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My System Specs


Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
Great post/? & we know most folks reply to it will contain "cause intel is" in them.

Sky is making a point ..... that being that just cause something doesnt have "intel" in or around it does not mean it " garbage " or " un-usable ".

All this Trinity platform is doing is bringing amd closer to those of us "common sence" folks whom will say ... $200 less ... why do i need the more preformance from a simular intel based package again? IF a say 14-15" laptop/netbook can game, play music, do word processing/photo editing, im/chat/skype & other basic to average user multi tasking for say $500. Why then would/should someone pay $200+ more for the same thing accept saying that its a "intel"?
At no point have I said Trinity is Garbage or Unusable, but that it's that price difference that's going to make all the difference. If it's going to be a $200+ gap for similar performance, then yes, Trinity is going to be a good buy. But if that price gap is closer to $100 and the intel system beats out that Trinity system, then really, you're reaching the point of "Why wouldn't I get the stronger system".

The only other thing I could think Trinity has going for it is their low voltage versions, the 17W ones. Depending on how those play out, it could be a real winner. It all comes down to the price, which is something that no one has any confirmed information about.
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