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Default Win XP MCE 2005 CD invalid?

Hello everyone.

Here is my story.
I promised a friend to back up and maybe fix their family computer. Not looking good right now. Broken a clip and the stupid radeon card fan is craping out on me, grinding like a about to be dead harddrive.

Anyways it is a HP pre-built PC with corrupted OS. Most likey due the the fact that he use a 2006 norton cd to remove his virus and back up his files. The OS seems to have messed up big time, it won't even detect a usb mouse + PS2 Keyboard. So, I decided to do a fresh install, I pull the ISO off the net and as get to the enter cd key part, it tells me CD Invalid. I double check the sticker on the case, it has all the genuine writings and such. It is a future shop bought PC.

The MCE 2005 iso is 2 cd written at 1x speed.

Someone help me out here.

It is a HP a1630n with a ati 1300 add on card.
HP Pavilion Media Center a1630n Desktop PC Product Specifications HP Pavilion Media Center a1630n Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)
2gb ram
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