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I didn't have a password set, I used a pattern as my security... I was hoping that the PDA had one pre installed, but since no one else seems to have this problem... it probably isn't the case...

I tried my usual pin codes, even tried just entering "ok", but chickened out when it got up to 9/10 tries, as it warned me that it would lock my SIM card if I made another wrong attempt...

I ended up flashing the Pit & PDA with another stock Rom that I found. Although it brought life back to my phone, I still can't access the data network unless I'm connected via WiFi through my home modem. But the Phone, Texting and WiFi are working again, which is better than nothing for now...

I think I'll give customer service a call and see what they can offer in regards to support.

Thanks for your efforts, it was kind of you to try!
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