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Originally Posted by ExpendableG4M3R View Post
Xbournex, did you go to the NCIX Tech Fair on Sunday? I decided not to go and I saw some of the video's from Linus and now I wish I did. In the vids though I saw that Antec wasn't even a vendor they but their stuff was all over the place, heh. I also spotted a couple of Shinobi cases. It would've been a good joke to slap on a few Bitfenix stickers on random cases and stuff, better yet people. Some time of viral advertising, heh.
Yes I did. Saturday was apparently much busier than Sunday, but Sunday was still very busy. I had a chat with Linus, and Stephen from Futurelooks. a lot of stuff was being given away, ranging from popcorn, to motherboards. I was there for a good 2-3 hours. Well organized.
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