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This move is kind of awkward in my opinion. I mean, faster = better, but I think Nvidia forgot something, there consumers. I can't imagine all the people who bought the 9800GTX that are furious right now. I mean, the 9800GTX was around 449 - 500$ when it was launch 2 months ago. Now your redesigning the video card (same model) and release it half the price. Seriously Nvidia did the best move on performance level, but consumer level... ish.

For people who didn't buy a new recent card, this card is really good. But again 150$ vs. 220$ = 70$ which is lot of money for people who wants a good card a cheap price. Nvidia are really scare of ATI right now and you can feel it. On the other hand, ATI did the right thing by waiting and not cracking under the pressure. With the pre-release of the 9 series, they didn't forced their 4 series out yet, they waited. Also, they focus on the consumer, meaning they know that a small fraction of the people will buy high card.

ATI has my thumbs up right now, as for Nvidia on this move, really good on the technical level, bad against their popularity and consumers.
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