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Default Time for matching to ante up

I promised to match new members production so i guess it is time to pay up .

1 sswilson 7327 30 2 pete_scout 5412 6 3 SHaCK 4389 16 4 Supergrover 3708 14 5 Scratch 1760 1 6 clsGrinder 784 4 7 Myminpins 764 3

Since i put out the matching offer, clsGrinder, Myminpins and Scratch have joined (completed wu's) for the team.

I will leave it to everyone to guess what id gets the matching donations which will start to show up shortly.

BTW ... my current rig folding for the team has a nice wu queued up waiting for its stanford server to come back online, but another one should get posted in the meantime (today).
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