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I managed to log in about 4:15 EST. Slept through my alarm till 3:30ish, 45 min to log in and create a toon. Played till 7:15, solid 3 hours with 4 other buddies. We got to level 15/16ish, and I think we stopped after the Butcher.

It is an absolute BLAST to play with buddies, doesnt have any of the grindy feel that D2 did, and combat is exciting, thrilling even. The mobs sure do get beefy fast with 4 players, and death always feels a possibility. Great game. Now, that being said, is it 'revolutionary'? No. But should it be? I dont think so, its Diablo!

If you liked D2, D3 is by far and away better in every sense, combat, story, art and graphics, characters. I'm very much looking forward to quitting hour
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