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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Their new mobile Ivy Bridge processors may be much better than Sandy Bridge, but we'll see if Trinity leaps above them again (as a bit of an AMD fanboi, I hope they do...)
Oh no doubt it will. But AMD also has a serious problem on that front. The lower end you go in Trinity (as was with Llano), the weaker and weaker the IGP gets.

But with Intel, (with the exception of low voltage models), every single processor has the same IGP, the only difference between them is how high the IGP can turbo boost itself.

What I want to see now is how the lower end IBs compare to the A10, and then how the lower end Trinity processors compare against that.

In the end, how AMD prices these will determine how good they really are. If I could get a laptop where the CPU+GPU only take up 35W, perform moderately well for a wide range of tasks, AND come under $600? Then we have a winner.

But if it comes to the situation where for just an extra $100-150 I could get an IB laptop with discrete graphics, and proceed to stomp Trinity on every benchmark possible? Then we have a problem.
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