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My System Specs


Even though PCI Express Mini Card slot does support mSata, it's still going to just route it back to the SATA controller. And since the controller only supports SATAIII on the two blue connectors, you're only going to get SATAII speeds from the Mini Card slot.

I'm just going off deduction from the tech specs (page 27):

"The PCH provides independent SATA ports with a theoretical maximum transfer rate of
6.0 Gb/s for two ports and 3.0 Gb/s for five ports."

I have no definitive answer or proof, just deduction.

Edit: And from searching around the net, I have not found a single board that outright supports SATAIII on the PCI Express Mini Card slot. So the answer is likely no.

In fact, every review I've seen of a SATAIII msata drive was using an adapter to convert it. Despite them all proclaiming that they are a godsend for laptops, not a single review actually USED a small form factor board or laptop to test it.

The Intel guy wasn't wrong though. It will support SATAIII drives. Just not running at SATAIII speeds.

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