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Originally Posted by Bungwirez View Post
yep! +1 on this mouse. smoothness and responsive on my hardwood desktop is excellent. haven't really played with the "sniper" button cause Recon is lametard. another solid Corsair product in my books.
is the software as bad as it sounds? I've never really touched the logitech software except to change dpi settings (basically put it to the max on the mx518). The mouse did feel good but if it is that crippled by the software....

The sniper button would be nice for me not only in games but photoshop and like applications as well so that would be a bonus for me.

I did feel a RAT7 at the even as well and I dont know if it was just that it wasnt adjusted to my had but I didnt like it, 1 because it had far far too many buttons on it (I could never use an mmo mouse, I mean how many buttons can you actually ever use?) and 2 it just didnt feel great.
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