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My System Specs


Thanks for that link, I am reading it now. I also think ill drop the 945 out since ive quickly went over some reviews and for an extra $20 I think its worth it. I would most likely just blow that $20 on a pizza or something, hah.
If you don't mind, I had another question about the ram speed. I will most likely get the Corsair Vengeance 8GB kit DDR3-1600. Now reading the cpu and from reviews they ever only mentioned running ram at 1333. The Asus board says it can do 1600 but I haven't found anything yet to confirm it. So I am hoping I can just drop that ram in and it run at 1600 without changing anything.
Because im not a big tech with this stuff OCing and changing things kinda scare me, I usually just leave it everything on AUTO unless it is super simple change picking from a list of options, heh.
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