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My System Specs

Default AMD Phenom II X4 965BE + Asus M597A Combo

I just wanted to ask if this before I go pull the trigger. Will this be a decent budget combo for some gaming? It would be used for all the Blizzard games and SW:TOR, along with some F2P games like Mechwarrior: Online and World of Tanks.

It will have 8GB of DDR3-1600 ram (not sure of brand yet) and a MSI GTX460HAWK GPU. I might OC since I have a CM 212 Evo HSF.
I h ave looked at the i3-2120 and a motherboard but I have read that hyperthreading "can" cause problems in gaming sometimes plus the motherboards are roughly $20-$30 more for a decent mobo of the same quality of the M597A. I like the new BIOS they have.

I forgot to mention if I would notice much a difference if I went with a X4 945 and save $20 and it be a 95w instead of a 125w cpu.

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