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My System Specs


It's just .mkv files. a lot of them, meaning a lot of blu ray movies that are like 10-12gb each. and I have probably over 70 of them. also games and software. the hard drive is nearly full and it's all material I got from newzbin / newsleecher. The thought of having CP on my hard drives is disgusting, but this is what made me think that they check the hard drives. To see if this type of content is within the drives that are returned. I can see them not caring if it was few normal 800mb xvid movies but it's more like 70 blu ray ones etc.

Anyways, the hard drives still do spin. I took an old crappy computer and connected the power only and there was movement within both drives. it was hard to hear it, but putting my hand gently over the hard drives I could feel subtle vibrations. My motherboard is an EVGA X58 and the SATA ports have always worked. My tower is a Cosmos II and the only thing that I can think of that may have fried my drives is the dual hot swap tray. That's the first way I plugged them in and they haven't worked since then. I thought maybe I plugged something in wrong so I moved the 2TB internally and used a normal sata connector coming from an HX1000 and used a regular sata cable and put it into the board. This also did not show results in windows nor the BIOS. The hard drives spin, but they are not detected.

I do have 2 SSDs, but they are not in raid. I have a Intel 40gb SSD that runs my operating system, and a 120GB M4 that runs my games. My blu ray drive also works and these devices are SATA and all detected and working properly. the only ones that are messed up and maybe fried are the mechanical hard drives that I tried putting into the Cosmos II hot swap tray. I bought two 36GB raptors from the forums here a week ago or so and have not even tested them yet because I am scared to fry those too.

The crappy computer I powered the HD's on and felt vibrations were from a desktop that has no hard drive or video card, just power. So I can't check if the drives were detected on this system. I have another computer I can test them on and check these things but I wanted to get the OK from the pro's here to see if it would be safe to do so. If they are spinning then you say it is safe to try them on a different computer correct?

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