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Default Are my hard drives fried?

I recently got a new tower and honestly the most damaging thing I did to the hard drives was put them on my glass desk as I worked on the tower. before plugging them back in, I had 2 SSD's installed in the tower and my blu ray drives. I went into bios and for the first time I set my sata mode into AHCI and then installed windows 7. after everything was installed and running, I threw in my hard drives (150GB WD raptor and a 2TB WD storage drive). both were not recognized in windows and were also not recognized in the BIOS so I knew something was wrong. I put the 2TB hard drive into an external enclosure I have and tried plugging it into my computer and also my laptop. it was not recognized either. I then tried the 150GB raptor in the external enclosure and I heard spark sounds, smelled burnt stuff and saw smoke coming out of the back of the enclosure. I also got electrocuted when I touched the side of the external enclosure to try and hit the off switch . I pulled the plug instead and now I have no idea what is going on.

do you guys think these hard drives are done for? I want to try them both internally on a different computer but I don't know if this has the potential to fry other components in that different computer. Is that possible or would the hard drives just simply not work and everything will be OK? I have warranty on both drives but I don't know if frying them is covered with western digital. the 2TB was also a storage drive and I had a lot of movie torrents so I don't know if WD will call FBI and give them my info (that's extreme I know but I don't know what their policy is on returned hard drives / piracy)
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