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Agreed that there are better. Personally, I'm a big fan of ASTRO. I don't know why I'm partial to it, but its functionality is pretty much like Windows, and the bigger icons are easy on the eyes.

Thanks for your prompt replies. I'm actually still running Froyo, because no one ever convinced me that there were enough features to tip the scales and put up with that neon green colour. I do like ICS though, and your feedback has eased my mind considerably about upgrading.

I am guessing though, glancing at the tutorial briefly, that I'll have to update to Gingerbread before loading up the CM9 ROM. I'll give it a more thorough read.

Nice to have you guys provide some peace of mind about this - especially about the model-specific nature. It may not make a difference, but details count. I'm with Virgin, so having Bell instructions and modem recommendations matter, too.

And I agree with whomever it was that said that Rootz is a mess. I can't find anything there.
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