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Originally Posted by raghu78 View Post
People can think what they want. About my comments on the games I am clear. I have played Batman Arkham city in DX9 when it came out. I enjoyed it. fantastic game. played it once more. I could not play in DX11 (when the patch came out) because of stability issues. I just didn't really feel it was worth the hassle. I played Deus Ex and BF3 with their full DX11 features. I loved Deus Ex more than BF3. great game with a deep engaging story and a good message at the end. Thats my point of view.

Ok, I'm sorry but what the hell does that have to do with;

1. How games are tested here?
2. Nvidia?
3. AMD?
4. Hardware Canucks
5. Or any other damn thing with regards to how each of these cards performs?

Though I'm not sure if I want to even see what response there will be to those questions as it might just hurt my head like the rest of your posts.

Look people come here and read reviews that can help them decide on what to purchase. They also read reviews elsewhere when making those decisions. Most of us look at what resolution we are using and then look at what card performs best at that resolution and then go from there with regards to price, noise, and power.

I have seen you reference certain games because you think that they are the most demanding and therefore deserve the most attention. For example you point towards Witcher 2 which I have and played through more than once. Yes with that game in HWC's review the 7970 does beat the 680 once you hit 2560x1600, but the 670 still beats the 7950 in all resolutions (by a decent margin at 1920x1200 with AA on, which is most likely the most played resolution). So even in a game where you call out the 7900 series as doing really good they are respectfully right neck and neck with the 600 series from Nvidia. Hell even when you crank it up and push everything at 2560x1600 the 7970 only beats the 680 by 1fps average, and loses by 1fps on the minimum rate. These are so close that there is no difference.

Look even though you came off right out the gate looking like a real jerk paid troll, you mellowed your posts and that is the only reason why this was allowed to continue. The fact is that most of us here have already read pretty much everything you posted and we all know that while the 7900 series are good cards, the 670/680 do beat them in the majority of resolutions in the majority of games. Do they lose some battles yes, but that still doesn't mean that overall when the reviews were done they are the better cards. Yes things can change like getting a nice factory OC'd 7970 at a good price or something, but that same thing can happen with the 670 or 680. Then there are the ever changing drivers that usually bring increases in performance over time as well.

The video card market is an ever changing field where battles are won and lost all the time. Nvidia leads, AMD leads, the 690 blows everything away. We all get that you want to sing the praises of the 7900 series and right now with the price drops and sales I am seeing you are right that with price factored in you might want to get one over the 670/680. I wouldn't as I think the extra $30 for a card that does consistently beat the other in almost all tests on basically all review sites is worth it, you may not and that is your choice.

We can all tell that you want the 7900 series to be better cards but we have done our research as well, and that research shows us that the 670 is better than the 7950 and the 680 is better than the 7970. Hell the 670 beats the 7970 in many spots as well. So while you may be bitter about it, that still does not change the fact that at this point the 600 series is handing it to the 7900 series overall.

Boy that got longer than I intended, hopefully it still makes sense as I am a little tired.
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