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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Dont try to compare OC'ed results to stock results...they will vary from card to card
I am talking 670 OC to HD 7950 OC from another site. If you have objections fine. But its not that the comparison is invalid. they are priced at the same point. so OC perf comparisons are not to be ignored.

Lets take a couple games which favour AMD and ignore games which favour NV as those NV biased games are crap.
not at all. In fact taking games which favour NV too will not change the OC performance outcome. its closer than you would like to believe. In Batman Arkham city , a TWIMTBP title at 2560 x 1600

HARDOCP - Overclocking and Performance - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 Video Card Review
HARDOCP - OC XFX R7950 Black Edition vs Radeon HD 7970 - XFX Radeon HD 7950 Black Edition Video Card Review

HD 7950 (800 ) - avg 36.7 fps min 18
HD 7950 OC (900 ) - avg 40.5 fps min 19
HD 7950 OC (1195) - avg 50.5 fps min 19
GTX 670 - avg 44.7 fps min 28
GTX 670 (1234) - avg 49.7 fps min 30

Granted the min fps of GTX 670 is much better but I have no doubt that given its a TWIMTBP title Nvidia would have made sure its cards run better. Also the DX11 implementation in Batman AC is an afterthought and more like a poor patch job - not well thought out and well integrated like BF3 or Deus Ex.

HARDOCP - Conclusion - Batman: Arkham City DirectX 11 Performance and IQ Review

"From a purely technological standpoint, we love the Tessellation in Batman: Arkham City. In those locations where it is implemented, it looks great and distinguishes itself. Ivy's lair and plants look like living, moving things. The slushy puddles look like actual slushy puddles. The trees look like gnarly, knotted monstrosities, and the statues look like they were carved by artists rather than 7-year-old children.

From a practical gaming perspective, Tessellation is used to uneven effect in Arkham City. On the one hand, there are a few areas in which it is very noticeable and looks great. On the other hand, it is hard to detect most of the time if you are just playing the game. If you walk around the city inspecting objects for signs of surface subdivision, you'll spot it. But stand back a bit and the difference often vanishes in this game. Unless you're a gamer who loves to play while flattened against a wall at all times, or likes to hang around as up close to decorative objects as possible, you are not likely to benefit from tessellation in this particular title, but for a few choice areas.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution used tessellation to improve the organic appearance of characters, both played and non-player. Since at least one character (Jensen) was always visible at any given time, tessellation was easy to appreciate, and it made a consistent difference. Instead of blocky polygonized characters, we had smooth, curvy, organic looking people. Batman: Arkham City is not so fortunate a title. Tessellation can be spotted all over the game, but we still have relatively stiff, blocky looking characters. In particular, the random innumerable thugs who prowl the streets sometimes seem like Lego men. Batman himself is exquisitely modeled, but even Catwoman has some too-straight lines."

In fact Deus Ex , a AMD GAMING EVOLVED title is a good example of using tessellation to good effect with best results in game without handicapping the competition.

Crysis 2 tessellation: too much of a good thing? - The Tech Report - Page 6

"Crytek's decision to deploy gratuitous amounts of tessellation in places where it doesn't make sense is frustrating, because they're essentially wasting GPU power—and they're doing so in a high-profile game that we'd hoped would be a killer showcase for the benefits of DirectX 11"

Say what you may but I have always felt Nvidia's efforts be it in Batman Arkham Asylum (AA issue) or Crysis 2 (with inefficient use of tessellation) is not in the best interests of gamers and the overall market. I view with skepticism a TWIMTBP title. BF3 and Deus Ex are good examples of GAMING EVOLVED titles which are in the best interests of the gamers.

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