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Whelp. There you have it....the victim card has now been played.

Canadians or not....try to stir shit up, troll and generally make a nuisance of yourself and expect to be called on it.

If you had stated out in a sane and rational manner people would have taken you more seriously.
If you had commented on the bloody card being tested people would have taken you more seriously (you spent a good half a page talking about 680....not the 670).
If you had not continued to be hostile people would have taken you more seriously.
If you had not PURPOSELY misquoted, misrepresented and out and out ignored conclusion about any "proof" you posted people would have taken you more seriously.
If you had not cursed, swore and acted like a spoiled brat...yup you guessed it....people would have taken you more seriously.

As to your POV....yeah lets take the best in class AMD 7970 and compare against the generic competition...yeah that sounds reasonable.
Lets take OC'ed card and compare it against stock NV results....yeah that sounds reasonable too!
Lets take a review posted weeks ago and compare prices as they stand TODAY to nit pick the price to performance ratio outlined in the older 680 review....yeah that sounds reasonable too!
Lets take OWNERS of the cards word as why would they want to think their fancy new toy was anything but best in class compared to the competition! After all consumers are NEVER biased. Just look at are the epitome of neutral!
Lets take a couple games which favour AMD and ignore games which favour NV as those NV biased games are crap / not demanding enough / obviously not "good enough"....yeah thats reasonable too! Never take blend of both to make a rational decision thats for "luzers". Team Red/Green alll the way!!!111!!!!

Protip 1: Compare apples to apples. Stock fan vs Stockfan .
Protip 2: Dont try to compare OC'ed results to stock results...they will vary from card to card
Protip 3: Dont take owner's of the card word as anything other than biased anecdotal evidence at best....and out right lieing to themselves as worst. Humans lie....even if they dont intend to. Its our nature.
Protip 4: Some games are optimized for AMD some for NV...both companies spend a LOT of money with developers to gain an advantage.
Protip 5: Dont spout wild conspiracy just makes you look like a nut.
Protip 6: Never call into question the integrity or intelligence of a reviewer WITHOUT iron clad proof that is vetted by OTHERS.
Protip 7: Dont be a douche.
Protip 8: Dont curse and swear.
Protip 9: Dont paly the victim, region or race card. We are just as likely to burn it for you.
Protip 10: Dont misquote other reviews as "proof". We are not so lazy as to not click a link (or have already read them) and will call you on your BS.
Protip 11: Dont start a conversation by stating that the reviewer is biased / paid off / etc.
Protip 12: Post in the right bloody thread.
Protip 13: If you want to have a conversation in a thread....LISTEN to other people's responses...dont just try and shout them down.
Protip 14: Dont double post. IF you have more info to add...add it in to the original. Many people have "subscribed" to a thread and getting multiple emials for ONE pov is annoying.
Protip 15: There is an ignore option. You probably will want to add me to I am opinionated, will call anyone on their BS and generally call them as I see them. Love me...loathe me. Dont care.

Originally Posted by raghu78 View Post

There are demanding games like Alan Wake, Metro 2033, Crysis Warhead, Witcher 2, Crysis 2 where HD 7900 cards really shine when looking at OC'd performance. You have to realize that it depends on your perspective whether you value the compute performance of HD 7900 series. My belief is when more games use complex compute shaders extensively as in Metro 2033 with DOF the HD 7900 series will truly be appreciated. How you arrive at a certain conclusion depends on your line of thinking. For me the HD 7900 series is a scalable high performance architecture with enough strengths and forward looking design (bandwidth and compute) wrt competition. Performance wise its very competitive. If you believe otherwise so be it. I have stopped losing my cool. So i am ok with your personal attacks.
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