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My System Specs


I'll try to fold again this year. Got two i7-3820s up but one is very unstable. I'm going to avoid Gigabyte motherboards from now on. BIOs glitch affecting VTT/IMC voltages, horrendous vDroop, terrible implementation of UEFI, bad LLC to control for vDroop. This UD5 has given me so many headaches to even be stable at a meager 4.6GHz compared to the P9X79 on my other system. Add in my 2600K@4.8GHz for more folding power. Just need to sort out my power usage and possibly move a system onto a different room to avoid tripping the circuit breaker. Going to retire my Q6600/Q8400 systems from folding this year. I think the P5Q Pro is going to hell with its SATA ports failing leaving me with only 2.
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