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Hi Linus,

I have been in the market for a new graphics card for a while and watched ALOT of your videos! but never bought one as theres always been newer ones just around the corner. However, being a student I cannot afford the new 600 series or 7000 series.
I first had my eye on the 570 cards as they were pretty low priced, but now I have seen that the 6970 cards benchmarks are showing are better bang for buck and are similar if not the same price. Should I A) buy a 570 as the cheapest option anyway B) buy a 6970 for just abnit more and overclock it or c) I found a 6970 "lightning" which is factory overclocked out of the box for 40 more than the "normal" 6970.

May sound a silly question for somone of your status but I have been quite skeptical as to when to buy a new card but I am starting work as a product/website/video compositor designer plus a small bit of gaming :P and just would like some honest advice!

Current rig: Q6600 processor with 4GB DDR2 Ram and 9800gt graphics! :D

Many many thanks!

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