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The only truelly "fair" bench'ing acceptable to all would be to follow a specific industry standard (by as many web sites), such as techPowerUp! uses in their acoustic testing, i.e. DIN 45635 (DIN 45635-1650, Ausgabe: 1978-07, Measurement of airborne noise emitted by machines; enveloping surface method, woodworking machines, planing machines). Now, I am not saying that a given tech-site would have to be certified, as that would cost silly amount of money, but have some basic guidelines to follow so readers could have a more apples-to-apples comparison. There still would always be nit-pickers saying that the test-bed at ABC tech is not the same or up to date like XYZ tech, but one would end up with a greater consistancy.

Now, to blow my entire previous suggestion out of the water, and one could argue that these variable factors between bench'ing set-up is a good thing; since you cannot have any one manufacture/vendor tailoring their products to perform well under a limiting level of tests.

People like raghu78, is either payed or has too much time on their hands, and as such fails to see that no tech-site (unless heavyly certified under specific industry standards) will claim some kind of finality/totality with their results.
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