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Default Help! Used -pause command in VM Linux and it threw away my WU progress..

I tried using the -pause command just now because I wanted the client to pause after finishing the current WU. The WU was at 92% at the time. After I put in the command the client restarted and the log said:

[14:51:00] - Error: Could not get length of results file work/wuresults_03.dat
[14:51:00] Core found.
[14:51:00] - Error: Could not read unit 03 file. Removing from queue.

But then it resumed where it was and did one frame and then got jammed there.

So I did a -reboot and then the log said:

[15:04:03] Resuming from checkpoint
[15:04:03] File work/wudata_04.log has changed since last checkpoint
[15:04:03] mdrun returned 3
[15:04:03] Gromacs detected an invalid checkpoint. Restarting...
Then said something about "Unknown Error"

And then it start at 0% again :S

Should I not have used the -pause command? And is there a way to get back my 92% done? :S
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