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My System Specs


One other point is when your macho e flashed a blue screen that was most likely a BSOD, or blue screen of death. What that means is your machine crashed, it happens to all machines, oc, nix, Mac, they all have their special moments. Sounds like when it happened you video card driver got messed up, hence everything is huge. If you go to dells site and pump in your express service code (sticker on the back, large print), select your operating system and download the video card driver (install it and increase your resolution) you may get a bit more usable system again.

All that being said, the guys and gals here gave solid advice. When ready to upgrade do some research into new processors, main boards, psu's etc and work towards building a better system than you could get from dell (my opinion). Folks here will help you choose the right gear and give you all the advice you need, it's a very rewarding process and you will learn a ton along the way.
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