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For a first SSD user the 120GB size is about perfect. Not to big to be uber expensive, not too small to be a PITA to use. In 6mths when the next gen really hits price per performance of the 120s will indeed go down....but if you always wait for prices to go will be stuck using an abacus instead of a computer. Prices of enthusiast parts always do trend downwards, but its usually because they are about to replaced with the NEXT gen. :)

The M4 line is fast, stable and I honestly doubt we will see much more price reduction. Its already been reduced a good bit. In all likelihood we MAY see a sell off right before a "m5" or C500 hits...but even then I would not hold my breathe. It could easily go the other way and they simply ramp down production and when its EOL'ed the supply chain is almost empty of them....and that could be more - or less - than 6mths away. Now I could be way, way off and Crucial slashes prices again as they ramp up production of NAND (the major part of the price of any SSD). But honestly even if that does happen....does it matter? Right now for the OP the M4 128GB is 90 quid. By some chance of economics lets say it hits 50 quid. Forty "dollars" over 6mths. Thats 1.66 per week. For less than a cup of coffee there is no way I would go back to HDDs for my main OS drive (Vraptor 1TB or a 3Tb beast...sure, but not for 2 bobs a day!). Buy it and the 670 now. In 6mths the 670 will be cheaper and IF the OP needs more power than what a 670(!!!) can provide...drop a second one in and SLI them :)
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