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My System Specs


Originally Posted by elmorejohn46 View Post
No doubt about it two GTX-580 in SLI will be quiet a bit faster then a single GTX-680 even if it is overclocked to the max.I am glad the GTX-670 came out and it was everthing I was looking for.My three GTX 470's are still plenty fast ,I have good cooling so I can run them at 780/1780 at just 1.037v and that way I just need to set my fan at 78% and it not so loud ,It still loud but no where near what it is when I set it to a 100% .To run it at 840/1900 I need 1.087 and 100% fan and it sounds like a jet ,but 78% is tolerable and my temperpertures just get to 75c to 76c.But they are starting to show there age because two GTX-670 will beat my TRI-GTX470's in 3DMark 11 I just get 14,505 and in 3D Vantage I get 51,252.I just want two GTX-670's to run in SLI and I want a Gigabyte that has three fans so it will be quiet and use a whole lot less power.
Nice! SLI 670's would be nice if you have the budget for it! Good luck with the build.
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