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You keep glossing over the fact that A) this is a comment thread for the 670...not 680 and b) you are cherry picking your data to fit your world view....and it is very sad that you have to look so bloody hard to even find any data that even remotely supports your bias.

There is no conspiracy, the fact is that the majority of the time at the MAJORITY OF RESOLUTIONS on the MAJORITY OF REVIEW SITES the 6 series kicks the snot out of the AMD 7 series.

Such is life and unless you made the bloody thing...get over it. AMD will probably come back with an even better card NEXT generation (or not) there is no "team green vs team red" here (unless you are a paid troll that is). It is debatable on whether the tech of the NV is better than the AMD or its drivers that are holding AMD back...but it doesnt matter as at the end of the day a NV 670 can hold its own against AMD's top dog.

My suggestion is A) get a better job as being a paid troll aint worth the negative karma and b) go outside and enjoy REAL 3D. Personally Im going to the range and putting about 300 rounds of lead down range.

Originally Posted by raghu78 View Post
BF3 is similar on HD 7970 and GTX 680 when both are OC'd. I guess for you Alan Wake is a game no one plays because Nvidia does not do well on that. Yeah I get it. Alan Wake for PC released in Feb 2012. On Valve Steam it was a good seller. The game was a critical and retail success. I have played the game on PC. Its a fantastic game with great graphics. Have you played Alan Wake before judging the game ?

Alan Wake Review -

Alan Wake devs “delighted” with PC sales | PC Gamer

News: Alan Wake sales top 2 million, series 'has a future' -

Witcher 2, Crysis 2 also don't fit your contrived definition of popular games. I give up . Funny though , both your website and the "obscure" - Le Guide du HardWare & de l'Optimisation PC have the same 6 games on your chart - BF3, Crysis 2, Witcher 2, Metro 2033, Shogun 2, Batman Arkham city but can come to very different conclusions.
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