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My System Specs


While I'm not on the "this guy is a paid troll bandwagon" what he seems to miss being the largest point of 680's beating the crap out of 7970's was that the price and power points were so much lower on the 680 when the vast majority of these review were done.

Also.. If he cared to read some old reviews he would see that when AMD deserves it they get their Kudo's here.. as does every product I've seen reviewed here..

I've bought and buit a few GPU's and systems based mostly on reviews from here and they have matched so close that I tend to not bother with many of the sites I used to read as they were soo hit and miss you could say anything about any product and get it right more often.

Anyway, not gonna bash the guy for posting questions or criticism BUT he should really research more of your work before trying to point fingers or throw around accusations..
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