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Originally Posted by medwes View Post
I love the bitfenix sleeved cables (best extension cable on the market) but i was disappointed about the usb3 internal 19pin to 2x usb3, it is very flimsy worked only a week and when i pulled it from my gigabite x79ud5 to pu it in my Rampage formula the blue 19pin section stayed in the motherboard !!!! Do bitfenix have any RMA in Canada ?

I want to know something do you have any information about the Bitfenix Recon Touch Screen Six Channel Fan Controller I cannot find any photo or spec, the only thing that i found is one youtube video before the release!!
Sorry to hear about that.. Please send in an email to [email protected] Please include pictures.

As for the Recon fan controller, the reason there's no photos, or specs, is because we have not released it yet. The good news, is that I received my recon package with all the itty bitty dirty information about it. Expect an announcement sometime next week.
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