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Originally Posted by BigPhatPaulie View Post
Nvidia's GK104 is a good chip for gaming. When HD 7970 and GTX 680 are both overclocked the HD 7970 will win more games than lose, especially when you look at the most demanding games which struggle to hit 50 fps at 2560 x 1600 maxed out

That part is especially funny.... um care to read the msi 7970 lightning review? course not so you wouldnt know that it can barely pull a lead over a REFERENCE 680 at those resolutions you said?
A reference GTX 680 with Turbo boost is doing 1050 - 1100 Mhz. MSI HD 7970 Lightning is at 1070 Mhz. Clock for clock they HD 7970 are GTX 680 are close in BF3. Funny how you chose to neglect the 1280 Mhz scores. maybe this is called perception
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