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My System Specs


Originally Posted by raghu78 View Post
Are you denying Turbo Boost feature in GTX 680 ?

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the review shows two different GTX 680 cards have different Turbo boost. the better sample is boosting to 1110 Mhz. Press samples of GTX 680 cards can definitely be hand picked to give the best turbo boost.

HD 7970 OC (950) - 40 fps
HD 7970 OC at 1050 Mhz should get you to GTX 680 performance. Such a speed is easily available by using AMD CCC. So I see clock for clock same perf in BF3 and similar clock ceiling range of 1.3 - 1.35 Ghz for both cards. GTX 680 OC should at best tie HD 7970 OC.

If you want a game where GTX 680 is manhandled by the HD 7970.

HD 7970 (1125 Mhz ) - 49
GTX 680 (1137 / 1267 boost ) -41

This is a game which clearly shows Nvidia's regressal from Fermi GF110 to Kepler GK104. GTX 580 beat the HD 6970 by 18%. This is also the same game where GTX 680 improves by just 25% over GTX 580
Also this is the same game where HD 7970 (1125) beats HD 6970 by 70% and GTX 680 by 20%. Metro 2033 with DOF which uses compute shaders and is bandwidth hungry is seriously a showcase for what will happen in future games where the GTX 680 is bandwidth constrained.

You can draw your own conclusions. Every human has his own beliefs, logic and thought process. My opinion is the HD 7970 is being given less credit than what its truly worth. How do games which do more than 60+ fps at 2560 x 1600 maxed out on both HD 7970 OC and GTX 680 OC matter in comparison to the most demanding games which clear push the cards to the limits of their capabilities. In fact a user wouldn't even be able to tell differences between between both cards in a game like Skyrim unless he is told which card is running which system.

There is an explosion of GPGPU enabled apps and nobody understands that the GPU is becoming more and more capable. There was a time when the FPU was a coprocessor in the 386 days. Today we can't even think of the FPU as separate from the CPU. The APUs from AMD have a very powerful GPU capable of accelerating GPGPU enabled apps like Adobe Photoshop, Winzip, Video editing apps and much more in future. The HD 7970's GPGPU performance is radically improved wrt the HD 6000 series generation. They will prove a great work tool in GPGPU enabled apps

AMD and Adobe(R) Creative Suite(R) 6 Innovate With OpenCL(TM) and GPU Acceleration - MarketWatch
All other things equal, you could still never convince me to go back to AMD after all the useless drivers on the 6XXX series cards. You can give their cards all the kudos you want, but that ship sailed for me, and a lot of my friends when we kept having multi-GPU issues and game issues directly related to AMD drivers.

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